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September 5, 2008 @ 6:19 am

Everyone of course is entitled to their own opinion but I must say, I for one am glad you removed the CHEESE ass line “welcome to my world bitch!”. The one thing that REALLY pissed me off about the original cut of this movie was that the writers, director or whomever else was guilty of putting this movie together… was the fact that when they “integrated the two worlds” of Elm St. and 13th respectively(?)… they seemingly took the “type of teens” from the 13th series. IMHO the teens and characters were always much stronger and more fleshed out in the Nightmare series which always made atleast this viewer, much more involved in what was going on. Which was my big problem with “Final Nightmare” because I personally felt, aside from any other problems that plagued that flick, was that the characters were by far the weakest in the series… again only inho. To the point, there wasnt ALOT you could do to strengthen the cores of these characters since you can’t completely rewrite the script, however by removing a lot of the “crap” dialog… as for example the aforementioned “Welcome to…” line. You’ve atleast made the characters a bit more respectable, and not TOTALLY moronic. The scene where the girls are waiting for the guys and she talks about Will or not in the instance of your cut, is another fine example. All in all, a welcome edit and the new addition to my library when I want to see Freddy take on Jason. I do own the original but usually find myself scene jumping a lot when I do watch it. But I do have to say I will probably be goin from beginning to end a lot more often now that the entire movie isn’t cheesy dialog, cheesy one liners… bad character development…. and NOW with a MUCH better ending. No disrespect to Jason…(I’ll leave that for the latter half of the 13th franchise LOL) but I was always an Elm St fanatic and you’ve brought respectability back to the Krueger character. I touched upon it already but I want to part with… I love this ending much much more. Great Job my friend.
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