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June 26, 2008 @ 7:09 pm

Uncanny Antman’s at it again! Who does this guy think he is?! As a movie-goer I like my movies (especially my sequels) mediocre. Then UA mucks that up time and again by turning said mediocre movies into much better, more enjoyable films. Seriously though, this is another ace editing job by UA. A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of my all-time favorite horror movies, even with the sequels being as hit-and-miss as they were. I remember when Freddy vs. Jason came out and people were so disappointed by it. They’d say stuff like “I’ve wanted to see this movie for twenty years!” Truthfully, I never wanted to see this movie. Sure, when I was 10, my friends and I would talk about how cool it would be to see Freddy Krueger battle Jason Voorhees. But, I was 10 and my taste in movies back then kinda sucked. And, it was a cool idea to talk about with your friends but none of us ever truly believed it would make a good movie. And, we were right. Freddy vs. Jason was a schizo film that never quite figured out whether or not it was a NoES film or an F13 film. Who’s the hero? Who’s the villain? What the Hell is going on? Then they fight. The End. Thankfully, UA has stepped in and done a commendable job trying to rectify that. Of course, it will never be perfect. He only has so much he can work with. But, I can honestly say, this felt like a NoES sequel, just with Jason involved in the plotline. Kind of like F13 7 where it was a F13 sequel, but they just threw Carrie into the mix … errr … Tina Shepard. Throughout the film, it feels like Freddy’s always the main threat. I like the fact that it feels like Freddy is physically controlling Jason because a.) it’s a subtle nod to NoES 2 and b.) it makes it Freddy’s film. It’s almost like he actually does get more than one kill. Aside from turning this into an NoES film 90% of the time, UA has also done a perfect editing job on cutting crap out. This movie flowed so much better this time around and it felt exactly as it should have felt. In other words, I actually had to come on here afterwards and read his list of alterations just to remember what he cut. It was that natural. It was like “Oh yeah, that crap was in there before. I forgot.” This is the kind of edit that you show people who’ve never seen the film in hopes that their initial opinion would be more positive than yours was. If I had a way to professionally print disc labels, I would toss my official FvJ disc and replace it with the NoES 7 disc once UA gets around to releasing it. This is the fifth edit of UA’s that I’ve watched and the guy’s on fire! 5 for 5! Now, stop it already and make something that sucks. Up Next: Dark Angel: Children of the Revolution
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