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Walking Dead if any series needs fanedits as the show is a wreck with its moments nowadays. Now season 1 was solid but season 2 was quite bad. This fanedit makes the two seasons into a 3 hours' action packed movie that lacks a proper ending.

First I must mention the same as many others did before, there are a lot of continuation issues with characters disappearing without any explanations. Also some of the dialogue doesn't make any sense, especially towards the ending with the Shane stunt. That being said the edit is still a lot of fun as it takes a lot of jarring moments and annoying dialogue away. I watched it in 2 separate parts and I have to say that I wasn't bored at any moment, so the phasing was good.

Some mentioned that there was little character building in the fanedit. While it's true I think all the character building was always so bad in Walking Dead that I didn't mind.

Technically it was quite decently edited.. A few camera cuts felt a bit out of the place but nothing that major. The video quality is okay considering that the source material is heavily grained, something that I don't like at all.

In a nutshell: a bit confusing albeit fun ride from beginning to the end.

I wish someone would make the whole series into a grand fanedit with several parts. All the seasons after the 4th are a big mess but I think a good fanedit could make me want to re-watch the whole show.

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