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This might very well be one of my favorite fan edits of all time! I absolutely LOVED this!

It's remarkable how well the two films parallel and compliment each other. From both starting on a rainy night, making the events feel so close together, to the ending infiltration of cult operated facilities. It's almost like they could cross over any second! And though they never meet, this still feels like one vast story! The pacing of this fanedit is really incredible. The custom made intro (and ending) credits set the stage for an epic story, and the use of music and expert sound mixing throughout the entire film make the transitions between scenes feel seamless. While it takes a little getting used to, it eventually doesn't feel like you're simply watching two movies playing simultaneously. The way LastSurvivor highlights the parallel story beats from each film is brilliant, and I think really elevate both individual stories. Danny watching the Silver Shamrock commercial is a beautiful touch that provides a satisfying cross over moment. As does the edited security monitors to show where the Cult of Thorne are in their progress.
It's a shame that we won't ever see a proper sequel to the producer's cut ending of Curse of Michael Myers. But somehow, by pairing it with the ending of Season of the Witch, the combined bleakness and loss of both somehow gives a stronger sense of finality.

Like many, I always make a point of watching something from the Halloween franchise around the holiday every year. This year, I watched a series of fan edits instead, to experience the franchise in a new way. I've always liked Season of the Witch, but have often skipped it in franchise rewatches, but that will likely never happen again thanks to this edit!
Recommended pairing: Ryantology's Halloween: 10 Years of Terror and Bobson Dugnutt's Halloween 5: The Haddonfield Harvest

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