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On the surface, Halloween 3 and 6 are completely different movies in terms of tone, style and narration. I mean for gosh's sake, H3 has Evil Killer Robots!! LOL. A very different world from the dark slasher horror of Michael Myers. But when one goes deeper, there are many connective tissue elements -- both movies involve Cults, both revolve around an astronomical event, both have a character called "Blankenship" and of course, both take place on Halloween night.

In lesser hands, a hybrid edit of this sort could be over bloated or non-sensical. But this is Last Survivor. And he has evolved into a Master Storyteller. In his very capable hands, he has crafted a lean, economical and complimentary narrative.

Taking the already existing connective tissue and grafting additional elements such adding the Thorn Cult symbol to H3 footage and the Shamrock Commercial to H6, he creates a believable reality that this a shared universe. Plus, an nice background easter egg moment with Kara on one the Shamrock background monitors. This shared universe is further reinforced by Last Survivor's incredible sound replacement and new unifying (and terrifying) music soundtrack.

In essence, LS has taken the best elements of both movies, and created a really FUN popcorn flick. For me, this edit is more fun (Challis is certainly a more likeable character) than either original film.

Technically, LS's work is impressive. Colour Correction. New Aspect Ratio. Image Replacement and Masking. And of course, as already mentioned, extensive sound/music replacement. All masterfully done. Though I think the Curse of Thorn plagued this edit, as I know Last Survivor had serious render issues, thus maybe explaining a few brief moments of video quality issues.

Narratively, as I mentioned above, I like this edit better than either original, but it does have a few minor plot mysteries, though this is mostly due to the source material. For example, in H3 how does Challis know the Shamrock chips with cause all the robots/equipment to malfunction? How did a Cult Member walk right past Tommy but not see him? But the edit is so much fun and well paced, that one can easily miss or forgive this.

And then there is the Commentary. If you have not listened to this, then you have done yourself a great disservice. LS commentaries are always brilliant and often better than most "professional' ones. And this one is no exception, as it is loaded with Behind The Scenes info about both original movies and his editing process. A must listen!

All in all, a very entertaining romp.
Thumbs Up!!! :)
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