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(Updated: November 05, 2020)
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This edit was highly anticipated by several people among my family and friends from the moment that LastSurvivor announced it's inception.

It was an amazing treat for all of us who watched it. Among the ten people who watched it in our home theatre, most were either Halloween fans or fans of LastSurvivor's Bond edits. My brother and I are huge Halloween fans. We thought that the glitches we're intentional. They certainly didn't distract from our enjoyment. We made it a game to track the shifts from film to film. I knew Halloween III but didn't remember much about VI. My brother and his wife knew both films well.

It's amazing the artistry that went into integrating two films that barely had a common denominator into a piece of art familiar and completely new at the same time. To find junctions to interpolate the two films into one of cohesive understanding and entertainment is ingenious. My brother and I were enthralled. We got my Blu-ray collectors edition of Halloween III and his Blu-ray Unrated edition of Halloween VI and watched them back to back with Night of Samhain again.

It's an almost perfect example of why we fanedit and what can be accomplished by one person's vision and passion.

I'm watching it again soon. As always, you don't disappoint.

Thanks for the heads up on the release. It was well worth the wait.

A very enthusiastic recommendation.

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