New Rules & Guidelines for Fanediting

June 1st, 2020

As the world of media ever evolves, so too does our ability to interact with that world. In the beginning days of film, access was only available through theaters or private screenings. Over time we’ve gained a more immediate access through the distribution of home video releases and now access-on-demand through the internet. As creatives, this has also allowed us greater opportunity to interact with media to the eventual advent of fanediting. One thing that we must remember is that even though our access and ability to manipulate media is increasing, that access and ability does not give us the right to reinterpret the established laws surrounding copyrights of intellectual properties (IP).

A recent trend in the world of digital creatives is to use subscription based revenue supports such as patreon. While this is a fantastic way for creatives to support the development and distribution of their own IPs, we stress that it cannot be used to support fanediting. Any engagement in the profiting off of another’s IP work without permission from the owner to do so is strictly prohibited and any faneditor who engages in such activity will be banned from participating in our fanediting communities.

To clarify,
In the past we have been clear that no faneditor may profit from fanediting. Under this new policy this now also includes subscription based models, monetization of content that editors do not hold the copyright for and pay-per-view/access models. If a faneditor profits in any way, they have violated this rule.

Profiting from fanediting is defined as any increase in currency that leads to a personal or collective financial gain.
Fanediting is defined as editing and presenting/sharing alternate versions of content that an editor does not hold the copyright for.

Simplified check list:
If you are profiting from fanediting…
If you are selling fanediting…
If you are monetizing fanediting…
If you are asking others to financially subscribe to support your fanediting…
…you have violated this rule.

Clearly stated,
If you don’t hold the copyright of the source material you may not profit from the content.

Again, any faneditor that is found violating these guidelines will be banned from our communities.

If you have any questions regarding these rules please contact a staff member privately.

– The Staff of &