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I really liked this version. Ever since I watched a video on youtube on the subject of the different versions I have been wanting to watch a version that has got most of the things cut from DUG. I like how awkward Bastian and his fathers conversation becomes in the start. The Dialog with Mr. Koriander I suddenly understand. And, contrary to what I thought before watching, I really liked the black background in the beginning. The removal of the music when Artax dies (spolier alert) however was not something I enjoyed. The added melodrama of the music always made me cry, this time I did not cry. Also, I find that Artreju is way too whiney in the end with the added lines. Some things were good to remove from the TNS-edit.

As dwight-fry said "...very well realized and of a remarkable high quality.".

And for everyone who hasn't: Please read the book!!!

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Owner's reply February 27, 2022

Great that you enjoyed it overall, seems that the points you raise are of personal preference. I think the Moroder music during the Swamp scene just a touch excessive (admittedly in a film that is hardly trying for naturalism), yet find myself missing the extra Ivory Tower moments at the end when looking back at the International Cut.

Reading the book is on my to-do list, finally got myself a copy!

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