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Having not been a super fan of the original film and this being my first viewing of a Fanedit, I was at once, curious, cautious and open-minded to the experience. I like Tarantino, but I also happen to like Oliver stone. It has been a while since I last saw the OS version of the film and after watching this, I can't really imagine sitting through that one again.
At 56 minutes, it seemed closer to the running time that this type of film really actually warrants, maybe a 70-75 minutes would have been perfect.
My thoughts are that I think it would be fairer for someone who hasn't seen the original to review this properly because having a knowledge of the original, means I was able to go past any narrative short-cuts without feeling like I was missing out. I wonder what the experience would be like for the uninitiated?
I found it to be fun, inventive and with some genuinely inspired moments, although the ridiculous cartoon acting by usually great actors such as Robert Downey Jr (I'm thinking/ hoping the accent is purposely terrible) and Tommy Lee Jones, still does not show either of them in a good light and there was nothing the editor could have done about that. Interesting experience though, very good. Thanks for the hard work TheCuddlyNinja.

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