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This was very interesting. I used to have a copy of Tarantino's script for this (printed in book form), no idea whatever became of it, but I can only assume this is what the Cuddleyninja used as the basis for the pacing and cutting with whatever material he had to use.

The music replacement to match a Tarantino film worked well. In fact, for some I preferred it to the original

Everything worked fine--mostly. Where it sort of didn't work was at the end during the riots. It felt like it moved too fast during this section and then before you know it the short edit is over. I felt it also worked because I had seen the original film 8 million times at this point (a favorite of mine). My enjoyment though is because I already knew the material-- So if I were to view this without ever seeing the film prior how would it hold up? It would still work to a much lesser extent (most of the characterization is gone so you do not get too invested, you just roll with the film wondering a bit more about these individuals), but not as well as if you knew the original

Gets some nice ratings because it was well done. I gave narrative an 8 because it works, but it kind of doesn't, but it kind of does. I gave audio editing a 9, quite a few spots suffer from leveling where either the dialogue or music/effects get too loud or low. I understand dissecting channels to make something new, but people need to pay more attention to this (a few other fan edits I saw suffer from this). It wasn't too bad in this one.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation
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