Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie - Extended Cut

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie - Extended Cut
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Every year, Hollywood makes hundreds of movies. This is one of them... and it's finally complete!
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In 1996, the creative team behind 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' brought their small puppet show to the big screen!

But after test screenings garnered mixed reviews, Universal Pictures imposed trims, cuts and re-shoots. The result was a theatrical feature that was actually shorter than a standard episode of the TV series. Notably, a complete host segment was cut and the ending was re-shot drastically.

In 2013, Shout! Factory released a Blu-ray with deleted scenes available as a bonus feature. Sadly, the footage was in bad shape, but I knew there was a way around it….
My goal was to make this the definitive version of MST3K THE MOVIE for fans of the series who wish to see the complete cut in the best quality possible.
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Editing Details:
Although little could be done to improve the host segments, the deleted scenes where Mike, Tom and Crow riff 'This ISland Earth' could be enhanced by keeping their jokes but replacing the picture with the original un-riffed film. I then added the silhouettes back, taken from when Mike and the bots riff their own closing credits.

To help make the transitions with my reconstructed scenes seamless, I color-corrected the footage of THIS ISLAND EARTH to make it match its surroundings better. A friend of mine also rotoscoped the theater door for scenes where M&TB enter or leave the theater.

Since the deleted scenes included alternate versions of riffs, I included 2 audio tracks:

Audio 1 - Original riffs from the deleted scenes
Audio 2 - Re-dubbed riffs from the theatrical release

Finally, I re-ordered some scenes to accommodate the 3rd added host segment, based on their original placement.
Cuts and Additions:
00:00 – Replaced the modern Universal Pictures ident with the accurate 96 version
17:00 – “Fries are up!” / “Sorry Joe…Been working long on that?”
17:50 to 20:00 – RESTORED SCENE
40:37 – “Can we still go out sometime?” / “Can I still use my courtesy fridge?”
47:49 – “Oh hairball!” / “Hey get off my mousie! You’re on my mousie!”
48:49 – “Uh, pudding?” / “Uh, jelly?”
49:20 to 49:52 – RESTORED SCENE
50:29 – “Now it’s time for the Brak Show!” / “Now it’s time for the Brak Show!”
50:51 – “Eat my photons, small heads!” / “Eat my forehead!”
50:58 to 51:30 – RESTORED SCENE
52:00 – “Ooooh! Ahhh!” / “And his coffin will be made entirely out of coconuts!”
52:06 – “I got tubes in my ear!” / “Saw a big old perch down there!”
52:11 to 52:31 – RESTORED SCENE
1:08:18 to 1:09:08 – RESTORED SCENE
1:10:57 - Bootsy Collins! / Leona Helmsley!
1:20:44 to 1:23:35 – RESTORED “MUT-ANT” ENDING
Cover art by thebutcher (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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Does what it sets out to do, a really nice way to rewatch for hardcore fans. "But what if I'm not a hardcore MST3K fan?" you say. Hmm, then I'd give it a qualified recommendation. You should be aware of a couple things:

Firstly, if you don't know what MST3K is, here's my review of the original film where I give an intro for "dummies": So basically be prepared for some cheese and some fun.

Secondly, if you've already seen the original theatrical release and liked it just okay, you may wonder if it's worth watching this version. Are the alternate jokes funnier? Hmm, humor is always subjective, but for me: sometimes yes, sometimes no. In the balance, I'd have to say the theatrical audio (also included here as a 2nd track) is probably funnier. But there IS good stuff in the alternate track (used here as the main audio).

Finally, the major change is simply the inclusion of several deleted scenes, including the original "ending". Keep in mind that these are not from the classic film the crew is commenting on, these are original scenes of the MST3K crew's wacky hijinx. I personally never found these bits very funny, so leaving these out of the theatrical film was a non-issue for me. There's also the factor that these scenes look like a bad copy of an old VHS tape (hence the marks off for the Video score). I mean, the whole tone of this film is B-grade cheesiness anyway, but the contrast is pretty extraordinary. So for me, I'd just as soon leave these out of the film.

For MST3K nubes, this could be a good intro, though there are certainly wackier films they comment on and better "episodes". For afficionados, you'll have to decide if the included deleted scenes and alternate jokes are worth the quality difference. It should be noted that the editor has done an amazing job incorporating the alternate audio however! I could hear a tonal difference in some of the lines, but again, the whole experience is pretty B-grade, so I wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't specifically listening for it. The transitions within the "theater" are very well done, too. It's simply the quality of the deleted scene footage that is greatly different from the rest of the film. But having that stuff put back in will make this feel like more of a true episode for the old skool fans, and will probably be required viewing for them.

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