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FanFix June 28, 2012 4267
(Updated: September 09, 2012)
A good edit. There are some “rough” areas that are noticeable but don’t really detract from the overall viewing.

I especially liked the “film restoration” style of this edit. Gaith took the worst part of this movie (the opening with The Rock) and made it a fun, classic horror movie part (much like the original 1930′s “The Mummy”). Gaith might have over-used the “damaged film” look a little too much in the opeing and there is a very rough edit/cut/transition to the main movie at this point, but overall it is a great start to a mediocre movie. The fade in and fade outs are a little too long (while dialogue has started or is still going as the fade starts/stops), but gain not so long as to seriously detract from the edit.

I DL’d the DVD version and the overall quality is good (4 out of 5), audio is good too (4/5).

Gaith has taken, for me, a very disappoiting film and made it a much better experience. I have a feeling others might take issue with the drastic reduction of “action”, but for me, it was what was needed. Honestly, I get very bored with long action scenes. I am glad Evy the re-icarnation plot references are gon as well as the too long Pygmy attack scenes – without the long-winded pygmy scenes, the movie becomes MUCH more quick-paced without losing plot.

Review by flyboy707 — December 14, 2009 @ 10:10 PM
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