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FanFix June 28, 2012 3030
(Updated: November 16, 2020)
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I always liked this movie which seems like I'm in the minority, but it did have it's flaws which stopped it from being one of my favourite movies. This edit has it's good and bad edits and depending on how you view them this edit might or might not be for you, but for me I liked this edit as it cut out all the unnecessary parts which makes for a much shorter movie, but at the same time some of the scenes especially the action scenes felt rushed and ended to quickly just as the action was starting, also some of the audio cuts were noticeable. I did like the film restoration style of the edit and how the movie starts at the mansion as it makes the movie more mysterious about the object they have, I am also glad the Evy the reincarnation plot is gone as this never really made sense as well as the pygmy attack scenes which off all the attack scenes this one needed to be trimmed. So overall I enjoyed this edit slighty more then the original and would recommended it to anyone that liked the original.
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