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I wouldn't call myself the biggest David Lynch fan but I love the hell out of "Mulholland Dr." I don't think it was the first film of his I watched but it was certainly the first one I was crazy about. But I never bothered to watch the original pilot. I don't know why exactly but I kind of just felt that the movie was perfect and didn't have a desire to watch the failed version. So, when Q2 made this edit it was a good opportunity to check it out.

In order, I watched Q2's 16:9 HD edit, then the bootleg original pilot. And now I'll probably rewatch the whole movie.

What did I think? It was fascinating. Inferior to the final film for sure, but a look at what could have been. I could see the potential for a series and wanted to know where he would have gone with these characters. In the end I'm glad it failed and Lynch made the movie version, but this is a pretty entertaining episode of television.

What about the fanedit? Q2 achieved his goal of creating an HD version that is as close as you could to the original using only footage from the final film. An excellent editing job to recreate the cuts, and he even made the commercial break fade outs look the same. Overall though if I ever want to rewatch the pilot I'll most likely just rewatch the pilot and not this edit.

Recommended for fans of Lynch, but don't expect anything too different if you've seen the bootleg pilot already.

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