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Overview - So-called pilot, which I ain’t buying (yeah, what a sorry attitude) of proposed television series from an auteur, known for his dismissive stance towards the medium.
Q2 delivers two editions of this. One is the purist cut, which I would not recommend because it seems little more than a rough cut or work print.
The real jewel is a beautiful overhaul (4.63 GB) which reconstructs Lynch’s original pitch as presented to ABC. For Lynch fans (confession, I am not one), this may be essential.

Video - 1920 X 1080 AVC. I viewed the purist cut first. Q2’s improvements will take your breath away. Colors are restored and regraded. The editing appears seamless. In an ideal world, the editor might consider doing a supplementary commentary track which could be muxed into the file. This ought to prove highly beneficial to aspiring editors. This is outstanding.

Audio - 640 kbps AC-3. Two channel stereo. No subs. Sound is fine throughout. Dialogue is clear, beginning to end, and I am especially fussy about that.

Narrative - For a pilot, this is extremely confusing. There are numerous storylines, though all seem to weave into the Hollywood entertainment tapestry. There are mysteries, though no real story. Viewers would have to accept on faith that Mr Lynch had an extended vision. One can well imagine how ABC execs, burned ratings wise with “Twin Peaks: S02,” would veto what appeared to be a confused, and open-ended series that never resolved.

Enjoyment - It is the very open endedness that makes the pilot so interesting. Character trajectories are different in the pilot. Nonetheless, if pinned down, “did I like this?” No. I appreciated Q2’s version far more than the purist cut. Still, the film wins hands down for me. The movie is my favorite Lynch work, and one of my favorite films. I try to watch it once a year.

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