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You know what you are getting with a Maniac edition, narrative and exposition cut down to the bare essentials and wall to wall action sequences. The John Wick movies fit this template well. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who hadn't seen the orginal movies as a first time watch but for those of us who just want to watch all those blistering action sequences again with minmal expostion this fits the bill perfectly. I was really surprised how little seemed missing from the second movie considering about 40% of the movie is cut. I agree with Vultural that this feels like two 60min episodes rather than a typical three act film but its a square peg/round hole scenario so thats not particularly a criticism of the edit.

Only noticed one slightly abrupt cut when it cuts to the church about 34mins in, worth a mention as I expect to see an extended 3hr version of this cut when John Wick 3 lands next year. Always cool to see that classic John Carpenter font used for the title too. For action afficiandos wanting a no holds barred action fix this edit is a must see Recommended!
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