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Two John Wick vehicles, no canines, no love interest.
Don’t mess with Wick’s car. Period. Know that. Also know he honors his obligations,
As with most of Maniac’s edits, this is pedal to the floor most of the time.

Video - 1280 X 720p. Great looking film. Editing solid throughout. For a couple scenes, I zoomed in and the visuals remained pretty sharp. Neither night sequences nor catacomb melee suffer. Pièce de résistance remains the exhibition showstopper, however, and this edit bears that out.

Audio - 128 kbps, 2 Channel AC3 stereo. A few subs. Sign language, employed in the latter story, is subbed.
What dialogue there is, and this is not a particularly chatty flick, is clear and understandable throughout. OK dynamic range. Listened initially with headphones, switched to main speakers without disturbing others around me.

Narrative - The two films do not join together well. More like two, high voltage television episodes paired back to back. Moreover, by trimming all traces of Wick’s “personal life,” this roars like a shooter game, with infrequent lulls to realign the plot and allow viewers to gasp for air.

Enjoyment - Go into this expecting an action game blazer and you will not be disappointed.
There is no character development, and the backstory is limited. Wick is barely more than a pair of hands, holding guns or clenched into fists. Galvanizing action - glass of Scotch - seek and destroy. Repeat.
I never gave two hoots about the original canines, and Maniac always warned others of those cuts.
For what it is, an efficient distillation of the two Wick films, this is a relentless edit.

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