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TV-to-Movie December 18, 2020 2313
(Updated: February 01, 2021)
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S1 of Breaking Bad is a fairly slow (but enjoyable) grind that sets the scene for future seasons. This film edit somehow manages to capture that same feeling, despite being just over a third of the length. It doesn't try to cram every plot point, but rather chooses scenes very intelligently. Not every scene is a "happening", time is given for character development and to set the mood of the show. Cutting this down to less than 2 hours yet retaining the main plot, pace and feel of the show so clearly is very impressive.

The A/V editing was top notch, my only complaint was that the music was a little loud once or twice.

A lot of side characters, along with the more hated parts of Breaking Bad (the constant nagging and arguing comes to mind) have been cut. This really allows viewers to enjoy the show central plot and characters more.

This was an incredibly enjoyable edit of one of my favourite shows, and will definitely be my go-to on rewatches. The only problem is that now I'll have to wait for IOR to make S2, which I very much look forward to.

And that's not even mentioning the sublime intro and outro credits. It's clear that a lot of time and effort went into every part of this edit, it has a real high-quality feel to it.
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