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TV-to-Movie December 18, 2020 6872
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Watched as soon as I downloaded since I love the show (and Saul). Watched it with my girlfriend who tried to watch the series but the episodes for her took too long to get into. When it was over she was like thats it? What happens next? I said gotta wait until the next edit. She pouted. As I have said when I watch a Fan edit I don't look at the tech end of everything. I watch to see just how much I am entertained because thats all that matters to me. Needles to say we were greatly entertained and are waiting for the next edit which I hope will become a series on their own. I hope that somewhere or somehow Saul Goodman can be incorporated into this in a different way than the series. So thaks for the effort and work done looking forward to hopefully the next edit.

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Owner's reply December 27, 2020

I am super glad that you and your girlfriend enjoyed this edit, I will soon be making part two to this edit and maybe if people enjoy that too I could finish the whole 5 seasons off.

Sadly I will not be adding anything from Better Call Saul as personally I'm not a massive fan of the show.

I know the ending to this edit isn't the best but I didn't want to make a proper film, I just wanted an easier watch of the first season. That's how a lot of my edits go. I'm very greatful you can understand that.

When I do the next season I feel the ending will be a lot more fulfilling and you may enjoy it a little more


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