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-Clever idea to use the mountain scene to introduce Clark
-Great musical transition from the mountain scene to the apartment scene
-Love the usage of the interview with Mrs. Santos early on
-Using "a fist” as the line before the boxing scene - BRILLIANT (how was this not the original version? - it literally sets itself up)
-I like that you spaced out the two Kryptonian ship scenes. It makes it seem like Lex built a connection with the ship, which sort of explains why the AI is so willing to create Doomsday
-Love the music in the BvS fight scene
-So glad you replaced the bagpipes during Superman's funeral with beautiful music and the Jor-El monologue
-Glad you cut "the bat is dead - bury it"
-Love that the dirt rising was cut out and that it ends with “just a feeling”
-Love the use of S.R. and T.D.K. music at certain parts

-A few audio/visual problems in scene transitions (there's an audio glitch in the transition between the two mountain scenes)
-Dream sequence was really short and interrupted an integral scene - kind of jarring
-For the dream sequence, I wish there was more of a direct comparison between Superman and the monster (maybe instead it would include Superman and his Batman's parents’ killer)
-With scenes about the Capitol Building and Wallace Keefe being cut, I thought Batman fighting Superman would not be a part of Luthor’s plan. Because of this, adding the Martha and Lois Lane kidnapping stuff made no sense to me. Plus, the plot (and his scheme) became way more convoluted.
-Lois’ “don’t I know you” makes no sense without the Africa subplot
-Lois and Lex have no relationship with each other, so the tension for the scene on top of Lex's building comes out of nowhere
-Don’t love the vocal delay/background voices when Superman gets hit with Kryptonite gas
-How does Superman know Lex is in the scout ship?
-Wish you kept “she with you” banter - establishes that these three have no former connections
-Without some form of Lois' plot, Lex wouldn’t be going to jail
-Not sure if Batman and Superman's motivations are completely justified without the exposition that was cut
-During the fight scene, there needs to be more of a reason for Superman to suddenly want to fight Batman rather than negotiate

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