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As I wanted to make an edit of this movie a long time ago I was very interested in watching this one and I'm very pleased.
Entire useless and sometime silly looking subplots are gone, for the best. The addition of new music work very well. The colors are vivid, I liked it as well as almost all the changes DrSparistein made. The ending is happening real fast, but it left a better taste in your mouth than the original one.
There are some scene where I really felt like watching the third part of the trilogy. And that was never the case when I watched the original. :)

Now... what I would have done: perhaps it's just me but I find this movie really more disgusting than Suspiria and Inferno. Those two were horror movies, no doubt about that but they were also kind of "classy" if you know what I mean. In Mother of Tears it's like Dario knew the movie will be bad so he throws over the top gore and disgusting visions just to try to top the actual horror movies ala Saw etc... Anyway, just my feeling. So I would have remove a little bit of the gore here and there. But alas, the gore is one of the only thing the movie has to offer... so well.

Just another thing. A little error during the ending, nothing too big, just something that the hardcore fans of the trilogy can notice: before the end credit, during the ending speach by Varelli, when he says "Mother Tenebrarum", you show a shot of Ania Pieroni, the actress playing Mother of Tears (Lachrymarum) in Inferno. The scene is set in Rome, she is Lachrymarum. Just a little something that struck me.

Very good work. the movie is, IMO, as salvaged as it can be. To me that means, still not good, but watchable as a third entry in his Three Mothers trilogy.

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