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I'd like to thank the editor first and foremost as I believe that edits of Batman Forever are always welcome.
As an unabashed admirer of the original script, I must say I have difficulty reviewing this edit with a clear mind, since I too have an in-the-works edit that takes the original screenplay as inspiration.
I will start by saying that the love for the source material is evident here, as is the effort in improving what can be, in my opinion, a unique film in the Batman franchise.
I'll start out by saying that the audio transitions were generally all good, and I agree with another user who said the decision to keep the visual tone of the movie intact is wise (even though I must say I remembered it far less bright than it is, lol). Other kudos must go to the editor who enhanced the deleted scenes by upscaling them in a wonderful way! I must say I found the audio to be slightly out of synch, though - don't know if that was an upload/download bug or something else.
I wasn't a complete fan of some of the visual transitions, such as the one from "the Bat Must Die!" writing on the wall to the camera glide outside Wayne Enterprise, or the cut that brings us from Two-Face and Riddler laughing in the Riddler Dome to Bruce listening to the News in the batcave (deleted scene), which is also quite harsh.
The only errors I found on a purely technical level is that one of the last shots in the salon deleted scene is repeated, making the scene end abruptly, and the fact that the GNN News and the batcave deleted scenes appear to have been squashed/dilated visually...
The title restructuring was great, if not for the odd placing of the new titles over the suiting up sequence: the actors' names are all very squashed to the borders of the screen. They could benefit from better spacing, even to align them with the rest (from "DC Comics" onwards). I also enjoyed how you shortened the GNN News deleted scene to cut out Bruce's phone call to Chase. Nice job.
Last but not least, I must say I did miss Dick's training deleted scene, as I found that to be essential to the development of his character, and even though it does double the laundry scene, it has much deeper meaning for both him and Bruce.

All in all, I must say this is an almost perfect extended edition of Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever, with the added bonus of being able to see the deleted scenes in an upscaled HD. I would love to see a version 2.0 sooner or later where some of these minor issues are corrected, for one great extended Batman Forever experience!

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