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A great improvement over the Theatrical Cut, but needs refinement and some trimming. Not trimming as drastic as Scaperat's Red Book Edition, imho, but more than the 2 minutes cut here.
The new narrative is indeed superior to the TC. The deleted scenes shed more light on Bruce's past and his journey to understand his repressed memories, and the reordered (as well as the deleted) scenes feel as if they truly belong in that order.
As I mentioned above, i wish a few more trims were made to this edit, just to remove the bits that don't really belong here. First and foremost - the Bat Butt shot. I would also trim some of the security guard's whines in the vault, as well as the close-up on Batman's lips before and during the bad joke about the sandwich.
I took off a few points because of a jarring transition at 1:40:38 - it sounded like a forced and rushed mute, Perhaps it can be softened?
Another issue, which has to do with the quality of the source materials, has to do with the drastic drop in quality with the deleted scenes. Maybe some technological advancement will allow AI to improve the quality of deleted scenes by sampling enough information from the rest of the film? I wish. But I digress.
All in all, this edit elevates an okay entry in the Batman franchise into a definite watch.

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