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Been a while since I watched the original so was coming into this with a clean-ish slate.
I had forgotten how silly it all was but bravo to MusicEd921 for eliminating my main gripe of the 'Jaws in love' sub-plot. Now Jaws is restored to being the formidable foe of TSWLM, being manipulated by Bond out of self-interest but rightly meets his comeuppance. I thought the cable car scene seemed to end rather abruptly but can't remember the original, so can't say if there was something that had to be cut there.
Gondola chase - didn't even notice it was gone!
Scene where Bond follows Goodhead again seemed like it jumped but don't know why.
Fight scenes mostly poor - not much can be done with what's available.
Speed boat chase was good although it felt like it belonged in a full re-edit rather than a fanfix. I'd like to see more of that though; can the pedestrian original be edited in a modern style?
What else...nothing really stood out; watching it again did make me realise how sloppy the whole original production was. Essentially it was TSWLM in space done to pander to the Sci-Fi mania of the day. The craziest thing is that in 1979 it was the number 1 worldwide box office draw so who are we to argue!
All-in-all good edit. Makes a poor movie a little more serious and faster paced but it's impossible to eliminate every stupid scene.
Now, on to View to a Kill...

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