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I liked this one a lot.

Now, first up, let's get the whole thing about the original out of the is generally considered to be about the worst of the Bond films. I can't argue with popular consensus here. It really is dreadful.

MusicEd921 did well in getting rid of most of the corny dialogue. I mean, really, if we have to have this film at all, then yeah, let's cut out that embarrassing Roger Moore "humor". My only problem here? There could have been even MORE cut! Some of the sleazy lines still make me cringe. But hell, if the editor cut out all of the corny stuff then we'd be left with not much of Bond in this film at all! So no real problem here I guess.

Action scenes changed or removed worked well for me. There is a lot of fat to trim here and I certainly didn't miss that damn gondola!

Sound and music changes were nicely done. I couldn't really notice any real issues and the changes made only added to the film. Especially that daft cowboy bit and the redoing of the password control panel. Nice work.

OK, it is time to be petty, but I found that the redoing of the title stuck out like a sore thumb. Adding "The" and "Plot" around the original existing "Moonraker" with that shadow? Get rid of the shadow and it'll look fine! Again, it is petty and didn't really ruin anything, it just took me out of the idea that this was, in fact, the real film....but only for a second...and it doesn't matter that much... so please take it as a compliment! Also, a little bit of slowed frame rate once or twice, but only for a brief period and again, hardly anything to ruin the experience as a whole. And this could also be an issue from making the .iso file. It can happen and if it WAS just on my copy, then apologies to the editor.

It works well as a DVD too. Static but perfectly fine menu screen, a short comparison piece about changes made and a pretty classy looking trailer. All good.

In my opinion, there isn't much that can be done to save this film, but at least MusicEd921 has had a proper, good go at it. I think the only way to make it better, one would have to be absolutely merciless with the cutting of Bond's awful lines....but then again, that would ruin half of the appeal of Roger Moore era Bond films, wouldn't it?

So I'll take my couple of petty complaints, stick them somewhere else and highly recommend this edit.

Much better than the original.

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Owner's reply May 13, 2014

Thanks T-Bone!

Yeah, if I cut everything that made me roll my eyes then there would be very little left. I tried to really cut the ones that were groan-worthy. I appreciate you being honest about the title. I tried my best to make it fit, but I can understand if it stood out a little too much. Maybe if I had placed the word Moonraker over the actual word so "the" and "plot" wouldn't have stuck out as much? I'm glad you were interested in seeing this and thank you for taking the time to review this.

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