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(Updated: October 24, 2013)
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I really enjoyed this Moonraker edit. It really displays how great of a Bond movie this was and easily my favorite of Roger Moore's outings. This will easily replace the version of the movie I have on my shelf. Almost all of the silliness has been removed or corrected.

Most of the rescoring was a nice touch but one scene really stands out as having been hurt by this treatment. The cable car fight seems much weaker with the new score. The music does not really enhance the battle and the editing has made it so that all of the fight punching and hitting sound effects sound like they were recorded from a pachinko machine. This was unfortunate because when I looked at the original quickly on Youtube it seemed like this scene would have been better without the changes.

It also seemed extremely unusual at the end of the movie for the space station to break out in a laser fight without any mention of laser weapon technology before that point. It would have been OK if only the bad guys had lasers as they were obviously developing advanced technology but then the cavalry charges in and they all have lasers as well. I think it was a big mistake to cut out the scene where Q Branch is testing the military laser technology at the MI6 monastery, without this scene Moonraker really loses all remaining credibility right at the home stretch.

Regardless I was thoroughly impressed and greatly enjoyed the new film. I especially like that you've restored Jaws rightful place as one of the best Bond villains. I would recommend this edit and definitely watch it again.

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