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Montana: The last Stand
January 19, 2018    
(Updated: February 11, 2018)
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I really liked Maniac's previous edit but this new improved version is just that. It's best not to compare it to the original film as this version of Scarface covers the main bullet points (pun intended) which is exactly what I want I to see in 90-100 minute version of a 170min movie. Its a slightly different beast with the exclusion of Michelle Pfieffer's character but that s fine as this version zips along at a cracking pace. I particularly liked the new montage that replaces the 'push it to the limit' montage from the original movie and the Cliff Martinez rescore was well chosen. There was only one point in the rescore I felt was a little overdone, when Montana has a meeting with Lopez about importing 'yale' from Bolivia ominious music played throughout the scene and personally I think that would have worked better had the music faded in just for the last 30-45 seconds of that scene (so a bit mean but knocking one point off for audio editing for that). Another excellent edit from Maniac though, this ones a keeper for me and will be my go to edit when I wanna watch Tony and his little friend and don't have a spare 3 hours!!! Nice job Maniac!

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