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I think this is a big improvement over the original, as what passed there for character development was just a load of Hollywood cardboard clichés, which are thankfully gone in this edit. Nothing is missed. Editing itself is well done for the most part, and the narrative works fine. Still, I do wish the editor had gone a little further and removed a couple of things that annoy me because they treat the audience like dummies: Luke clarifying that nitrogen plus oxygen is air, and the whole voiceover explanation of what is happening in the Martian "simulation". Guess they had to be sure that those in the audience that repeatedly failed elementary science at school got the idea.

I need to warn the potential viewers that the video presents very noticeable interlacing, which is quite puzzling given that this was Blu-Ray sourced and the vast majority of Blu-Rays, if not all, are progressive. Playing the edit on vlc with the Deinterlace option will get rid of the lines but will add ghosting instead, and reprocessing the video with the likes of DVD Rebuilder to deinterlace it would likely produce the same effect. Audio editing was done in 5.1 but final export was downmixed to 2.0 for some reason.

This is a well made edit but the technical problems hurt it somewhat. I understand JetSetWilly lost his source project files due to a computer virus so a re-render is unfortunately out of the question. Despite this, I recommend it.
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