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(Updated: August 26, 2020)
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I love what's been done here. I've always abhorred when movies try to "explain" away their horrifying elements, trying to answer the questions we ask when the answers we try to come up with by ourselves are far scarier. This edit does just that, turning the Butcher into a mystery, another part of the heart of the city. The new narrative is very clear-cut here, the constant mirror imagery serve it well. There are no points where something is "missing", if I hadn't seen the original, it would be very difficult where a cut was made. Though, the strange growths on the Butcher's chest, as well as the symbol carved into Leon's chest are a complete mystery in this cut, those are elements that don't necessarily need straight answers. The viewer is free to ponder on what they could mean, perhaps symbols of Leon's obsession with the violent heart of the city taking over and destroying his mind and body.

There are certain points where the noise in the scene drowns out the dialogue, hence only a near perfect rating for the audio.

All of the bleak violence and imagery, with none of the occult elements to distract. Ranger did an excellent job.

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