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TV-to-Movie October 05, 2014 2132
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I've watched a handful of episodes of Miami Vice, but was never a big fan. This fanedit is a pretty damn good introduction for newcomers, and I'm sure MV fans would get a kick out of it.

A/V Quality - I understand that the show isn't available on Blu-Ray, only through "sub-par" DVD, the quality is quite bad. There's a lot of pixelation and compression artifacts, especially in the pilot episode. And I really don't understand why it's a 9 GB MP4. The editor says it's that big because of the "additional grading and audio enhancement that was needed" but I have no clue what he means. Honestly this would have been better as a nice 4 GB DVD5.

Editing - Superb work!

Narrative - Nicely executed overall. It can't help but feel like two long episodes stitched together, but the story flows nicely.

Enjoyment - I dug watching this (despite the quality issues) and will most likely check out Ranger's next installments.

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