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I can't imagine how this would play for somebody who grew up in the 90s or later, but I was totally into it. Would it seem old and cheesy? Would the style and montage moments gradually work their magic on a new generation? I can't quite turn off my blinders, because I just loved this show so much as a kid. For me, going back and watching this was thoroughly enjoyable.

Okay, some technical stuff. My copy looked like it was sourced from old VHS tapes. I imagine the image quality of the source is to blame, so I can't slam it too much, but it sure didn't look very clean. Editing-wise, it was great though. You couldn't recognize what was part of one episode and part of another most of the time. Audio edits were great as well, though I could've used some of the voice levels being raised in some of the quiet conversation scenes.

As far as narrative, this essentially breaks down into a movie with 2 halves. In the first half, Tubbs pursues Calderon to Miami, and in the second half, Calderon strikes back "6 months later", eventually leading the guys to the Bahamas to try to bring him down. The 2nd half is definitely not quite as strong as the first, mostly due to the source material. You can just tell that they didn't spend as much money on the camera work, and some of the supporting cast just aren't very good actors. But all-in-all, it's a pretty great bookend to the first half, and it feels like there are real stakes (though it is a little weird that Crockett isn't more pissed about losing his family and almost dying due to Calderon!) There's only one weird bit: a long montage during the boat ride to the Bahamas with flashbacks from things we've just seen in the last hour. It would've worked great during the TV show, but when it's all together as a movie, it's totally unnecessary. I'd rather have spent that 5 minutes on a couple of scenes to help flesh out Crockett's relationship with his wife. It's pretty unclear for half the film, and I'd have liked to see more of the estrangement, and then whatever the conversation was that led them to try to work it out. Just a small gripe, though.

Overall, for any old fans, this definitely holds up and is a great ride. I wish I could give an objective view too, but I'm just giddy looking forward to the next film in the series! Thanks, RangerKris.

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