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(Updated: January 24, 2023)
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The Miami Vice reboot from 2006 is an unfortunate and best-forgotten travesty. When I saw this fan edit come out, I thought I would try it and see if an editor could improve it. I finally got around to watching it. Bottom line: there is no fixing this movie. However, the editor does manage to slightly improve the film and get rid of some of the more obvious problems. For a movie based on the hit TV series that featured such cool and classic tracks from the ‘80s, the soundtrack for the movie sucks by comparison.

The good:
The editor does a good job of increasing the volume of the songs already in the movie and including some new music where the film falls short. This is especially noticeable in a club scene where Director Michael Mann and editors William Goldenberg/Paul Rubell decided to make the thumping music very, very quiet. It doesn’t make sense. Who goes to a club to hear barely audible music? The editor fixed this, and it works much better now. The cut scenes are not missed. I rewatched the original after this, so I could see what he did. I hadn't watched it since it came out. In the end, though, the editor doesn’t significantly change the film, nor do I think he planned to. The ending is the same and most of the scenes are left as they were. It’s just a general tightening up and fixing of the most obvious problems.

The bad:
The movie has too many problems for a fan editor to bring it up a star, perhaps a half-star. I consider the original to be a 1-star movie. It was one of the biggest disappointments of all time. It was a cash grab from acclaimed director Mann and Universal Pictures. Yet strangely, Mann decided not to appeal to nostalgia for the original show. This decision alone ruined the movie. Making a reboot instead of casting Don Johnson, Phillip Michael Thomas, Edward James Olmos, etc. was a terrible decision. Johnson was 55 when the movie was being cast, certainly not too old to go on another assignment. Jamie Foxx was good as Tubbs, and it is unfortunate that the movie decided to follow Crockett, played by the mediocre Colin Farrell primarily. I don’t understand why Farrell kept getting cast in leading roles when his performance as Alexander the Great in a massive box office bomb was so terrible. Farrell was deeply addicted to heroin during the making of this movie. So much so that he says he can’t even remember making it. His performance has none of Don Johnson’s charm or cool. His hair and Freddy Mercury mustache look ridiculous and scream out “I’m an undercover cop!” The idea that these two police veterans could pass as drug lords is an absolute joke.

The “love story" between Crockett and Isabella, played by Gong Li, makes little sense. They want to have sex with each other almost instantaneously. It’s as if each of them had never seen the opposite sex before. Crockett is willing to blow his entire mission just to get in her pants. She also risks her life to be with him. Her English accent, as well as Farrell's, is pretty bad. The main bad guy, played by John Ortiz, is short and unthreatening. I remember seeing his goon bodyguards who looked like they could crush someone’s skull with two fingers and thinking “Why couldn’t one of them be the villain?” His decision to kidnap and threaten Tubb’s girlfriend was extremely stupid and a bad business decision, to say the least. The plot makes little sense. This seems like a first draft of a script that needed a lot of work.

The movie just sucks, period. I would recommend this edit, though, if you want to see the film for some reason. It is a mild improvement. However, there is little reason to watch it as it features so much bad acting, bad writing, and little action.

Movie: 1 star
Fanedit: I give him 3 stars for his efforts.

I will also mention that in the copy I watched, there was a large amount of grain and noise. I am hoping that the editor did not add this, and that it was just a result of bad compression

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January 22, 2023
You are taking your frustrations with the original movie out on the faneditor. You should not be allowed to rate fanedits. There is absolutely no reason to give such low scores. Go to IMDB and give those scores.
January 24, 2023
What are you talking about? You want to censor me because I gave a movie a 3-star rating? I gave the audio and video editing 4-stars, which I consider to be a good rating. The movie itself sucks, what am I supposed to lie? There was a lot of noise in the copy I watched. Should I lie about that too? My review was not negative about the editor at all, just the film.
February 21, 2023
Worth mentioning that the noisy image is actually just how the movie looks. It was filmed on digital cameras in a particular style. I didn't add or subtract from that.
February 22, 2023
Thank you for answering that!
4 results - showing 1 - 4