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Tight. Taunt. Tense.

In other words, better than the original theatrical version.

Spence displays his master editing craftsmanship with cuts and rearrangements that are slick and seamless. The pacing is now slo-burn rather than glacial. The movie builds towards it's climax with deliberate purpose and greater impact. It actually now feels like a proper Michael Mann crime story.

However, it is impossible to watch this fan edit (or the original movie) and not compare it against the television series that it is based upon. As great as the casting of Fox and Farrell is on paper, onscreen they are vastly inferior to their tv counterparts in terms of chemistry and charisma for me. And while I know this is a "modernization", but when someone says MIAMI VICE to me, that translates as MTV COPS to my ear and sadly I find the film soundtrack to be lacking and unmemorable, which is a cardinal sin in my book lol. Cool synthwave/pop/rock is a key element of Miami Vice's DNA. Thankfully, Spence did include a version of Crockett's Theme and two versions of In The Air Tonight. I guess I just wish there might have been a couple more iconic music moments.

So while for me, this is not as good as the television show during it's high point, it is vastly superior to both the Theatrical and Director's Cuts. Spence has expertly transformed a misguided, meandering narrative into a gripping cop thriller.

Thumbs Up!
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