Miami Vice 3: Redemption

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Part 3 of the Miami Vice Trilogy--All things must end...
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During an assignment to take down a new arms dealer in Miami, Sonny Crockett runs into a ghost from his past which sends him spiralling down a path of regret and darkness. As his focus on the case slips, he becomes involved with a mysterious femme fatale, a person he knows is playing him but lets her anyway. Crockett goes on a personal voyage, questioning his motives, morality and existence in what are widely considered to be the best episodes of the original show.
I wanted to conclude the Miami Vice trilogy with what are considered two of the best episodes in the entire show's run 'Evan' and 'Definitely Miami', full of iconic imagery and great storylines. This entry is definitely the most personal one for Crockett and focuses on him. Heavily utilizing Jan Hammer's great 'Crockett's Theme', I wanted to make a movie that captured the spirit of the show and everything that made it great. Recolored, regraded, and with revamped audio, this edit is for fans and newcomers alike, faithful to the tone and story of the show.
Additional Notes:
The edit is sourced from the DVD version of Miami Vice, as there is no Blu Ray release as of October 2014. As such the image is in 4:3 ratio and SD. The episodes used to make this edit were "Evan" and "Definitely Miami".
Other Sources:
Jan Hammer's commercially released 'Miami Vice' theme
Special Thanks:
maxgremlin, tylerdurden389, and everyone else on the forum who supported this edit to completion. Studioeighty for the original poster design
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Miami Vice Season 1 and 2 DVDs, Adobe Premiere Pro
Cuts and Additions:
1) Opens with the desert scene from Definitely Miami, scored with the riginal mix of Crockett's theme from Season 1
2) Cuts to "Evan" warehouse scene
3) Opening credits scored with Jan Hammer's commercially released Vice theme. Credits recut to include shots from Season 1 and 3's credit montage
4) Shortened Castillo's arrival at the warehouse
5) Shortened Tubbs/Crocket's intro at the hotel pool
6) Cut the crazy messenger engineer at the pool
7) Cut lines Tubbs asks the hotel bartender
8) Cut the FBI guy's scenes completely, removed entire subplot with the sister/informant
9) "Evan" is intercut with Crockett's personal scenes from 'Definitely Miami' to create dual storylines, ie. Crockett is getting involved with the femme fatale on the side during the mission to take down Guzman
10) Definitely Miami's "Cry" ending comes after the failed arms deal (Evans conclusion).
11) Cry fades into Crockett's theme during final beach scene (I removed all sound effects at this point so that it feels like we're inside Crockett's head and everything else is shut out)
12) Michael Mann-style freeze frame at the end
13) Removing commercial breaks, and minor trims everywhere for pacing
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Two fan-favourite Miami Vice episodes mashed into one accelerated ride, it's always fun to see Sunny kicked up the rear end personally for our angsty enjoyment and these two stories certaingly blend well together and tie together all the lingering scar tissue. No hiccups as far as the editing goes, and the ending is rendered more powerful with sound effects phased out, immersing ourselves into Sunny's upside down world as it tumbles about even more. ranger has the definite miami touch

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