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The audio and video edits are seamless, and the quality here is very high.

So, let’s talk about the added scenes: I enjoy the 1st one about Slowik’s origin and his past history with Lillian, it helps to explain his opinions regarding her. Although I get why it was cut for the theatrical release, because without this scene the reason why he invites Lillian is slowly revealed (the same as with most of the other characters). I would regard this scene as interesting, but only on a 2nd viewing, for sure.

The 2nd added scene is a different thing entirely. Although it does with Richard and Anne Leibrandt the same as the 1st scene did with Lillian, revealing their backstory earlier (this might be the reason it was cut), it adds a lot more. Elsa is great here; her tone of voice is a just a tiny bit discomfiting and foreboding. The way she connects all of the “guests” helps to explain why Margot is seen as “foreign” and “uninvited” a bit later. The most relevant bit here is how Elsa introduces the uniqueness and peculiarity of the meal they are about to experience; I though this was missing on the original. Now, this opening actually invites the viewer to feel some of the same emotions the “guests” may experience, and it improves the film a lot.

The 3rd scene is harder to judge. The exchange on the radio helps to sell what happens later. The talk after it, however… I’m not sure it brings anything different to the film, regarding Slowik’s character. It does explain why Margot (spoilers..................................) brings the barrel with her, tough. On the original, that didn’t make much sense (kind of a plot hole). She goes 1st to the smoke house (where the barrel is) then to the big house. Why did she then return to the smoke house for the barrel, when she thinks the Coast Guard is about to arrive? She can choose not to go back, stay inside the house (maybe lock herself in with the key she has), hide in the forest, even try to swim on the ocean (half joking)… Now it makes sense.
Also, the Chime sound was a small but smart edit.

Storywise, the addition of the deleted scenes (especially the 2nd one) improves the film. This is now the best version of it.

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