Max Renn: The Video Man

Max Renn: The Video Man
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Long live the new flesh!
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David Cronenberg's 'Videodrome' edited to have a tone and style reminiscent of Shinya Tsukamoto's 'Tetsuo: The Iron Man'. The narrative remains broadly the same but is substantially cut down with far less exposition; the video is presented in high-contrast B&W, and the fanedit features a new score. Additionally, some new elements have been added to reinforce Max's diminishing ability to differentiate between reality and television.
The two films share a lot of thematic and narrative elements, but present them quite differently - so I thought it would be interesting to see what 'Videodrome' might look like styled after 'Tetsuo'.
Additional Notes:
I've watched 'Videodrome' a number of times before, but it's not until trying to condense the narrative that I realised just how much of Max's interactions with other people involve exposition. By contrast, 'Tetsuo' has very little in the way of outright exposition - it's more concerned with events that its protagonist struggles to understand. The more I thought about this, the more it felt right to trim back the story and exposition further, to the extent that while Max still works for City TV in a production role of some kind, we don't see as much of his workplace interactions - this allows for (more) ambiguity as to whether Max's obsession with Videodrome is personal or purely in the pursuit of his job, and also allowed me to change the context of a couple of scenes for narrative purposes.
Other Sources:
Tetsuo - The Iron Man OST
Melt Banana - Teeny Shiny
Add N to X - Vero Electronics
Mad Capsule Markets - OSC-DIS
Mad Capsule Markets - CiSTM K0nFLicT
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This was very much a tentative figuring-it-out-as-I-edited project. I got quite far into the first iteration of the project before deciding that the end result was a bit boring, at which point an idea for a second revision occurred to me. A few scenes required some basic visual effects (manual compositing + green screen), which was an interesting learning experience but mostly rather frustrating due to the time involved.
Max Renn: The Video Man (Password is "tetsuo")

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I am not a real big fan of those Tetsuo movies
But the style and the way they were made was fantastic no doubt about it.
Videodrome is one of my favorites of Director David Cronenberg
It was made in the time that Cronenberg was still good, after Shivers, Rabid, The Brood, Scanners he came up with Videodrome.
One by one excellent horror movies and don't forget Dead Zone and The Fly
This edit made in the Tetsuo style was great
I loved the black and white, audio-video editing is smooth and the new score is the right one for this edit but you must love it
Some music parts were maybe a little too loud but it could be my notebook, i don't know because i am at the moment not at home
I will definitely see it again when i get back in Amsterdam and then i will play it on my receiver and on the big screen of course
Well, it was great to watch it, it was fast and i put it in my fan-edit collection of others
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