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Like most other reviewers, I am a huge fan of the original Matrix and consider it one of my top 25 favorite movies. Similarly, I was disappointed by the sequels. I have watched multiple Matrix fanedits in order to find my permanent watching replacement. After really enjoying The Matrix Revolutions Decoded and this Epic version, I believe this is THE ONE (ba dum tshhh).

It all boils down to the fact that this version is flawlessly edited and turns two overlong, overly complex movies filled with philosophy babble into a streamlined action sci-fi movie that makes complete sense. Like the first Matrix, this edit capitalizes on some basic philosophical questions (how much should man rely on machine? what makes us human? how do we define reality) and doesn't veer into the confusing meditations on choice, purpose, and multiple realities/matrices that the two original sequels do.

-I could have done without the Zion orgy dance scene, but I get its symbolism (bestial life versus cold machines).
-We don't get any sort of closure on what happens to Trinity at the end, though we can assume she makes her way from broadcasting depth back to Zion where she will live a life of sadness without Neo.
-I can't stand the change in oracle actors, but there isn't much to be done about that.

-First off, the most brilliant thing about this edit was changing where Neo goes after he steps through the special door to the Source. He travels to the "source" which is, in the original, the machine mainframe, and speaks with the baby-faced leader of the machines where they make a simple deal that Neo will remove Smith from the Matrix in exchange for peace. Absolutely inspired -- this renders the multiple matrix plotline pointless (which I always hated, as it sort of devalues the current struggle of our characters) and cuts out a ton of extraneous plot including the Architect.
-All of the best action sequences are kept, but many are trimmed down just enough for pacing.
-Small things that are stupid or ridiculous are removed. One of my favorites is when Link returns home: In the original, he starts saying something like "Where's my puss--" and is interrupted by his nephew/niece (I think) who are visiting his wife. It's a cheap laugh, and pretty crass and unlikeable that he would greet his wife after months of being away and missing her in this manner. There are a lot of little moments like this that have been thankfully removed.
-Obvious poorly done elements (Bane, Neo having powers in the real world, Trinity's comically long death scene) are gone and would make no sense with the new narrative plotline.

Overall, the narrative change and editing have redeemed these movies for me and will replace my DVD hardcopies for good.
I'd give the originals a 5/10, the Decoded version a 9/10, and this a 10/10 overall.

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