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I am a huge fan of the matrix movies. The Matrix might have even be the first movie I ever saw on DVD. I eagerly anticipated the sequels and while I was definitely wowed by parts of Reloaded and Revolutions I was ultimately left feeling unsatisfied.

The idea of fanedits of the matrix sequels had always intrigued me. The Matrix Revolutions: The Epic Edition is the first Matrix fanedit I have ever viewed. (Guilty as charged of having the avi of Matrix Dezionized sitting on my harddrive unwatched for over a year). Overrall I was extremely impressed with this fanedit.

VIDEO: 10/10 Excellent picture quality. I watched the edit this past weekend while house sitting for my parents who, now retired, indulged themselves and bought a gigantic widescreen hd tv. The picture looked great on a big screen.

AUDIO: 10/10 No pops or audio drop outs or anything. Seamless audio. Great work.

MENUS: Simple nice looking menu design.

EXTRAS: In the Beginning and The Prologue were a nice refresher. It had been awhile since I had watched any of the Animatrix stuff


I didn’t read the cutlist or read about any of the changes that were made in this edit before hand. There were some nice small cuts here and there made to The Merovingian scene (before the highway chase). And only as I write this review am I realizing some of the little things that were taken out. So nicely done on trimming the excess fat there.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the removal of The Architect scene with Neo. One of the most ridiculous expository scenes in movie history (Will Ferrell did a great spoof of it for one of the MTV Movie Awards). But suffice it to say I really didn’t like that scene in Reloaded and I’m glad it was removed.

Thank you for removing the “I love you too damn much” line (makes me want to puke everytime!)

The Reloaded and Revolutions were “bridged”/connected was creatively done and, in my humble opinion, it worked perfectly.

Managing to remove Smith taking form of one of the unplugged guys (i forget the character’s name), trying to sabotage the humans, blinding Neo with the ray gun etc. I always disliked this part and felt Smith should not be part of the real world in the movie and only be in the matrix, that was just my personal preference. And along the same lines I think it was a good choice to take out the scenes where Neo’s “powers” spill over into the real world (i.e. being able to stop the sentinels with his mind).

For the few nitpicky, “i would have kept this/removed this” stuff. This is just constructive criticism and only my personal opinion, im sure others may disagree. But at first i was kinda bummed out that you cut the line “where’s my puss- heeey!” when he comes back to zion and enters his apartment. I definitely laughed in theaters during that scene. And Link is a bit of comedic relief in the movie. But thats just my opinion.

I’ll have to rewatch my Matrix Reloaded DVD to see what Neo actually says but in the edit when Neo says “sorry i took so long, i know you wont understand this i need to take one of the ships” Morpehus asks where and Neo says “the matrix” and it looks off. The audio and Neo’s mouth looks out of sync. I realize you must have done some editing to that scene and used previous audio of Neo saying “the matrix” and inserted it in this scene. I sympathize as Im sure it is a tough editing job to replace dialogue like that and make it look good, but it did stick out a bit.

I won’t go as far as to say Matrix Revolutions: The Epic Edition will replace my copies of Reloaded and Revolutions just yet. I think I will have to watch some of the other Matrix fanedits before making that decision. But I definitely enjoyed this edit far more than the theatrical versions of reloaded and revolutions! In some point in the future, I plan on watching with geminigod’s commentary.

Great fanedit. I know a ton of work and planning was involved in this edit. So if you do decide to do another fanedit in the future, I will definitely be watching.
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