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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
baileym43 January 11, 2012 @ 5:00 pm

i just watched this and it’s certainly an improvement over the studio version.
audio is great. video is amazing. clearly no issues there.

sure, sure, there were a few odd fade-to-blacks. sometimes they happened to quick. sometimes they were too close together. sometimes a hard cut would have worked better.
and there are some awkward moments. the Oracle suddenly smoking her cigarette. Neo suddenly getting up in the last Smith fight. Trinity fighting the Agent in the hallway.
and of course the stuff i’d rather have seen gone. like the rave, the annoying kid neo set free, all of Link’s non-exposition lines, more of Merovingian ranting.

but aside from that, i can say everything else, the obvious cuts and the rearrangements, worked and worked really well. the story flowed and kept moving forward. there weren’t any real long gaps of non-action. everything made sense without the audience having to fill in their own logic gaps (like we have to with sWars, thanks for nothing Lucas).
removing Smith from the “real world”, brilliant. removing Neo’s real world “powers,” brilliant. removing Neo from visiting the Source, brilliant. Neo’s visit to Machine City was awesome. it all worked.

i personally like the “burly brawl” more than the Merovingian stairway. the stairway fight seems to clunky to me. the brawl with all the smith agents, though, i think is more fun. and even years ago i argued it that they are in a computer system and Smith is slowly degrading the Matrix. so with so many of him in one place he’s using up so much processing power that’s he’s effecting the actual look of the Matrix itself. therefore the CG to us, the audience, starts to look bad. well, it looks bad to smith and Neo as well.

it was quite an epic. i sat through all of it including the animatrix stuff (which was a nice refresher introduction) and never felt bored or antsy or tired of it.
this one will fit nicely next to my studio copies.
you took two movies and mashed them together brilliantly, excised the stuff that slowed it down and made a three hour movie not feel that long. so with the few weird transitions, 9/10 from me. nice work.
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