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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
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I watched the magnificent AVCHD (stripped menus, just watched the m2ts file on my HTPC) and the picture quality is GLORIOUS.

Some has voiced concerns that the center channel is too low, but while the action gets very loud, the dialog is always very clear in my 5.1 system (Dolby Digital bitstream).

I still hate the music in the first fight scene and would personally have changed it to something else. Maybe some tribal style music in the same style as the Neo/Serif fight? As the beat starts I find myself thinking I’m watching some MTV style trailer for the movie.

That horrible CGI in the over the top “Neo Vs. The Smiths” fight should be missed by nobody. I guess it must have been hard to trim out, but all the “hamster style” Kung Fu that consists of running round and round in a wheel consisting of Smith agents isn’t exactly like the Yen Woo Ping stuff that made the fights in the original movie so awesome.

Up to the point where Trinity falls out of the window with an agent shooting at her, I didn’t notice many cuts. Kudos. But also, here’s where I start to notice stuff. Not all is bad, but personally, I would have tried to limit the amount of fade to black/short/another fade to black by trying to tie all segments concerning each group of characters’ story arch witch clean cuts rather than keeping the fades. It almost felt like watching the end of Return Of The King. LOL. My girlfriend joined in on the watch here and she even went “WHAT IS UP!?” at those. Before that she was clueless about it being a Fan Edit and seemed to enjoy herself.

I also thought I’d mention that I noticed a glitchy looking cut right as Smith hammers Neo down into a hole of water and mud then going into the Zion command center.

This edit truly is EPIC, though I feel some of the action scenes could have been cut in half simply for pacing. I’ve always loved the highway fight/chase, but here I believe it was missing some stuff from the Theatrical? The Zion carnage with all the Sentinels, giant drill bot and whatnot could have been cut in half IMO, I didn’t time it but it feels like it’s going on forever. I’ve always felt like this about that part though.

I really LOVED this new ending, and this will be my preferred version to accompany the first film for sure. I would just have loved to have it 30 minutes shorter (see above for cutting suggestions). Also missing is the EPIC cleaveage Persephone sports in Revolutions. That was the highlight of the theatrical movie for me, so again, kudos on making this so much better. But the boobs should have stayed somehow.

The Architect showing up at the end is a bit of a wtf moment as he’s never seen before in this edit. Or I might have missed something?


An overall score of 10/10 from me.

Review by emphatic — August 6, 2011 @ 12:40 AM
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