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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
Matrix sequel fan edits are some of the more prevalent on this site. The Epic Edition is certainly going up against some steep competition. Despite the numerous others that have been made this one is now my personal favorite story wise.

First off the editing is near seamless, watching the film I am still amazed on how much was changed yet how little it shows unless you are familiar with the original sources.

Audio work, video work, image quality: all excellent. In terms of audio/visual presentation this easily is equal to or perhaps even surpasses the legendary Dezionized cut.

Now the actual edit was refreshingly new. There are some controversial choices in terms of scenes to keep. In a sense the Epic Edition goes against popular consensus in retaining minor characters, Zion, and the war scenes. As well as the infamous “Dance Scene” and “Heart Restart Scene”.

However do not let these factors dissuade you. Some edits try to make the film work by creating some sort of conclusion at the end of Reloaded. In my opinion Reloaded will always remain incomplete without a least partly including Revolutions. The challenge was creating an edit of the Revolutions material that removed or at least downplayed all that was wrong with the original. This is where the Epic Edition shines. By retaining minor characters that played a part in the war scenes, as well as removing the machine city/smith outside of the matrix scenes, the film takes on a completely different feel that is both faster and more cohesive then the originals.

The boldest edit was a completely different Source scene then the Architect’s office in Reloaded. To me it was pure awesomeness as well as an amazing technical feat. It works better than any edit prior that tried to remove the “multiple Ones” plot twist which nearly everyone hated.

Nitpicking wise I feel that the ending would have been better with the inclusion of one scene. A scene from the beginning of Revolutions with Neo in a coma. Perhaps with some sort of music change to create a different mood such a scene would establish his death a little more clearly then the end Smith battle does.

Also, while I can understand the reason for including the dance scene, I feel the scene is still a little too “in your face” symbolism which was one of the Wachowski brothers main stumbling blocks. Reducing instead of eliminating the dance scene would still have established the main contrast between the Matrix and the real world without that contrast being over emphasized.

The heart restart scene did not bother me. It works surprisingly well in the context of this edit.

There are many fan edits for the Matrix sequels out there. But this is now my solid favorite. Amazing Job!

Review by LostInTime — June 21, 2011 @ 12:52 AM
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