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FanFix August 05, 2013 2657
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I loved the first Matrix and like most of society, have less than an appreciation for the disappointing sequels. This fanedit is good from a technical standpoint but the overall narrative hasn't changed that much from the original films as mentioned by previous reviewers.

There is a significant amount that has been cut in this fanedit but I can't help but feel that even more could have been cut. For example, I have never been fond of the Zion rave scene and was perplexed as to why the editor decided to keep it in.

On the other hand, there are many smart edits in this version. I found the battle of the Zion dock was perfectly edited and is perhaps my favorite part of the edit. I also really enjoyed how the movie opened with scenes from Enter the Matrix, which I also think were masterfully used.

This fanedit is leagues better than the original sequel movies and is worthy of a viewing.

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