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Finally got around to watching this edit. To call The Matrix Revolutions: Reprogrammed a drastic improvement would be doing this edit a disservice. I originally hated Reloaded, and, possibly due to lowered expectations, somewhat disliked Revolutions. I really enjoy this edit. I'll certainly watch it again.

It really feels like the way Jerick presents it is the way it always should have been - one complete movie, with the as much crap removed as possible. Even still, it tends to drag a little in the middle. In another review, siebener suggested further trims to the burly brawl and car chase scenes. I must agree, that would have helped, especially to get the movie to clock in under three hours. Further reducing The Merovingian's tedious dialogue could have sped things along too, but that may not have been possible without glaringly obvious cuts.

Those minor nitpicks aside, I would highly recommend any fan of the Matrix to watch this edit. It flows better, the story is easier to digest. If this had been shown in theaters, I believe the Matrix would be a much stronger franchise.

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September 18, 2013
Thanks very much for taking the time to write this kind review, and double thanks for reviewing the bluray release you are officially the first to do so! I'm so glad everyone seems to think the film flows well as one contiguous movie, this was definitely the most challenging part of the process.

I can completely understand the desire to further trim the run time especially in the sections of the highway chase, Merovingian speech, and the burly brawl. I actually made significant time cuts to all these sections but more cuts I think would have been too obvious. The burly brawl I wish could be cut out altogether but for obvious reasons that would destroy parts of the plot.

During the highway chase I managed to make several cuts that aren't very noticable and reduce the length quite dramatically. For example several car crash and car flipping shots are gone. My favorite cut in this section that I doubt most people would notice actually doubles as an improvement to Morpheus's character. In the original "Matrix" film Morpheus was not as strong vs agents as he seems in the sequels. So when he fights the agent on top of the semi truck a large section of the fight is cut out to make Morpheus seem like he gets his butt kicked quicker. The cut happens after the agent throws him to the edge of the truck and Morpheus does a spin kick to recover. In the original movie this happened twice and Morpheus spin kicked out of it both times. I made the first spin kick sync with the second one to create this cut and it's one of my favorite cuts of the film.

September 19, 2013
In reply to an earlier comment

Clever cut. Transparent enough I didn't even notice it. You really have done a great job with this.
2 results - showing 1 - 2