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I very much enjoyed this version of the Matrix parts II and III. The editing is perfect, except for a bit at the end. The narrative works great. I felt Dezionized went too far, Zion is a good part of the story. Eliminating Neo's power over the machines in the real world seems like a much more precise diagnoses of what was wrong with the originals.

Now to some nitpicking. The "your move" line makes no sense, as the next scene in Zion shows the machines about to enter the cave and wipe everyone out. The problem is we have no machine drills. Even if we did, they would obviously have spares. I'd simply eliminate that line.

I like keeping Trinity alive and eliminating Bane or whatever his name was. Terrible thing in the original, that role. Of course, it gets a bit awkward with the narrative and the editing in machine city. But I'll take it.

Very happy with all the creative choices made, overall, maybe I would have liked to keep the night club scene, which I enjoyed. But all the trainman stuff had to go and if that was the price to pay, so be it.

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Owner's reply November 04, 2014

Thanks for your review I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! The "your move" line actually transitions to Neo in this version of the film. The implication is that Locke has done everything in his power to save Zion now he has to rely on Neo to do something even though he doesn't believe any real help is coming.

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