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All I can say is "Whoa" (Keanu voice). This edit successfully combines both movies while keeping most of the original narrative and also a typical theatrical run-time. This is what Matrix 2 should have been. The editing was great, the pacing was superb, but my favorite parts where how the editor chose to rearrange scenes.

Removing Link's family, removing most of The Kid, the way footage was used from Enter the Matrix at the beginning, the way that Neo gets to the Architect and the 'Door of Light', and they way the final battle on the Zion dock was edited were all marvelous. The part that I loved the best was the ending though.

Using the shot from The Matrix where 'The Claw' comes down and picks Neo up was brilliant. However, using the rave scene in the Zion cave during the end credits actually makes sense. This particular scene was probably my most hated scene from the sequels but somehow I don't hate it in this edit, I actually kind of like the way it was used in the musical montage. For that, applause are definitely deserved.

There are some nitpicky things for instance, instead of editing the Chateau fight, which is one of the coolest fight scenes to be put on film, I feel like some more of the burly brawl, some more of the highway chase or some more of the final fight could have been taken out. All three of those scenes have CGI that has become outdated and would be better removed, IMO.

Nevertheless, those are just a few minor things in a overall edit that will most likely become my 'go to' version of the Matrix sequels.

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Owner's reply September 24, 2014

Thanks for the great review! I'm happy to see the rearranging and borrowing of scenes really worked for you as they were some of the most difficult decisions I had to make.

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