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FanFix September 03, 2014 28269
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This is an incredibly ambitious edit that I enjoyed a lot. The narrative restructuring is, in theory, very impressive.

I didn't notice any major audio or visual issues and everything looked great to me.

Unfortunately, I think Jerick's ambition may have slightly exceeded what is actually possible given the existing footage. Specifically toward the end, some of the cutting is noticeable and feels forced in order to bend the film into what the editor is trying to do. They aren't technically bad cuts, but they can be felt. You can feel the movie straining against the concept. Things like not using the second actress for the Oracle or hiding Neo's blindness are really difficult to pull off, and they just feel a bit off, like it's not as smooth as it would be in a traditional film.

However, I think Jerick did the best job possible getting the movies where they wanted to, and it's a very interesting and different take on the sequels, especially Revolutions. Though this edit wouldn't necessarily replace the originals for me (not even my personal edit does that, these films are really weird and difficult to mess with) I am happy that I watched it, and would recommend checking it out to most Matrix fans.
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