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With the New Matrix Resurrection trailer coming out I thought I would go back and watch the matrix movies but once I got to the sequels, I really did not want to go through them again. Drawn out run time with exposition not needed, I was hoping to find a fanedit that could fix those movies up. Enter this edit.

Overall, I would say this does the best job of cutting out so much fat and condensing it into a 2 and a half hour run time that feels much more faster paced but also not overly philosophical that drags on and makes the experience boring. It gets to the point real quickly. I love how the Rave scene was spliced in the end credits for it to be a celebration of Zion being saved instead of it being this random scene in the second film. Great job of having the credits roll on top of the scenes. Only complaint I would really have is towards the end, Trinity being cut to be alive feels a tad jarring. Some of the shots used to keep showing her alive feel a bit weird if that makes any sense. Otherwise, this is a great edit of the sequels that I would highly recommend to watch over the original two sequels.

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