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FanMix June 28, 2012 3603
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This is a bold undertaking, and the true magic of fanediting... taking the narrative as it exists and flipping it on it's lid. It astonishes me that the Warchowskis accidently stumbled into a near-perfect resolution for the movies and not realize it, and it falls to Doctor M to make the snap judgement in an effective manner. The choices here are most interesting, it covers the crisis in the Matrix in unexpected ways, but in doing so it creates a different reason for Smith's existence in the real world, and allows the battle for Zion to take center stage. While the ending could be perceived as a bit of a ''fizzling out'' this cannot be helped due to the footage availible. Nevertheless, it is a fitting ending and the themes of what Neo and Trinity mean to each other get a considerably good pay-off with it.

Matrix Revolutions: Hacked is for all of you that still love some candy.
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