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So I had a hell of a time tracking this one down. I found a torrent for Revolutions in Dvd quality however I wasn't able to get the Reloaded Hacked at all (even went so far as trying to contact Doctor M). Last night I watched this having high hopes from the mostly positive reviews (mentioning that this has a happy ending!!) and from being major Matrix 1 fan.

Just read steFanedit's review below as well so I will start by mentioning that I agree with him that the movie feels anti-climactic at the beginning by starting with the final Agent Smith fight. Personally I feel this has a lot to do with the music as it sounds like "end of movie" music. I'd say this is the main scene that stuck out to me the rest of the movie which felt out of place. I kept wishing that it was placed at the end of Reloaded Hacked (which I haven't seen yet remember). That way when the human in the real world is taken over by Agent Smith and leads up to that major shock moment, it would be more interesting to see, with the feeling that Smith was killed off in the last movie.

Other than that I'm going to give this movie a really great review because I really loved watching it and everything felt completely new to me, I feel like I've avoided rewatching Revolutions subconsciously because it is such a downer of a movie, it's depressing, and it's definately stimulation overload. That's another aspect of the film which is totally fixed with this one as the summary on this page mentions that the pacing is set up to be more in line with the original Matrix. I was skeptical about that as well, watching the movie however I feel like that is definitely an accurate statement.

Over really Great Job Doctor M I would love for an update of This Wonderful Fanedit and to Maybe get a Copy of Matrix Reloaded Hacked, That would be Awesome; Neo Lives!!

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