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(Updated: September 11, 2012)
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I think I much prefer watching this to watching the sequels in their original form. There are a couple things I didn’t like, but overall a very entertaining edit!

Technical quality – 9/10 – video seemed sharp, black levels were deep. Audio was good too.

Editing – 8/10 – there weren’t any hard cuts (except for one, it may have been intentional), but I didn’t care much for the fade to black edits which probably showed up at least ten times. They kind of made the movie seem edited.

Presentation – 10/10 – cool animated menus with sound. Very nice. A few trailers thrown in as well, and some snazzy cover art.

Entertainment – 8/10 – the idea of cutting Zion is creative, and allows for a completely different take on the movies. Luckily, the edit didn’t lose too much momentum when it transitioned from Reloaded to Revolutions. There were a few things that I wish had been fixed: Neo’s whole too-cool-for-school attitude, which Spicediver already talked about. Unlike him, though, I think it can be fixed just be simply editing out some of his lines and moves. Some other poor scripting also stayed in, especially the Merovingian’s painful dialogue about the French language. If some of this stuff had been cut, the edit would have been much more enjoyable. As it is, because of this and the fade-to-black cuts, I can’t give it 10/10, despite its creative story flow. Altogether, good job though.

Overall – 8/10

Review by QuickCut — May 15, 2012 @ 3:02 AM
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